Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Jio Phone 3 Launch: Expected Price, Specification, Review, Booking Link

Jio phone 3 launch date In India 2019 | Jio 5g phone booking & Price | Jio phone3 mobile Specifications

These are some of the major search terms in the google nowadays and probably you better know why. It’s because the leaked news of Jio Phone3 Which is going to hit the Indian market and the main highlight is the 5G compatibility of this upcoming device. 

The hipe in the people is so high that everyone on the internet is uploading the leaked images (Which is not yet confirmed by the Reliance Jio) and talking about the device on Google as well as youtube. So, as we 

JIO.SERVICES” always promise to give you the best and in-depth information about the devices that Reliance has launched or planning to launch, We’ll today gonna give you the whole information about this device. 

When It’s going to Launch, What will be the Price, How you can book one for you, Is it possible to prebook this device? and many more. So, now let’s come straight to the point.

Another Feature I like in Jio Phone 3 is it’s Build Quality. As you can Check-in the Photos of Jio Phone 3 that it is totally built with Metal so the Look is very Good. Not only that but it is also very much Sleek so that Over-all Looks of Jio Phone 3 just too good

Also, Other Specifications like the 4 GB and the 6 GB Ram Version with 32 GB and 64 GB Internet Storage is also appreciated. Because many of us want a Device which can perform all day to day Tasks with Playing a lot of Games. So with the 4 GB Ram and 64 GB internal Storage, the Gaming Performace would be so high.

 Android Latest Pie Update is also another Positive for this new Phone called Jio Phone 3. Also, the Dedicated SD Card Slot would be a Life Saver for many of us. Because even if the 64 GB Internal Storage is there, we still love to Use External SD Cards for Better Storage

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